Our services

We are able to carry-out the repair and servicing of every type of accordion. We can replace your old keyboard keeping the original casing. We perform a complete remise en forme of your instrument. We can also replace the valves that became old from the time and the use and don’t allow the accordion to play properly.

Production of keyboard

For our keyboards we have always been using mainly wood, beechwood or walnut. We personally select with attention the row materials. We care the quality of our products but, in the stages of construction and assembly, our aimed result is to create the most traditional instrument.

Assembly of keyboard

90% of this stage is characterized by the operators’ manual work because this activity requires experience and know-how. In this way the completed instrument gets closer to the perfection. For applying keyboard we use only valves in wood made by us, a high-quality product.

Check and Repair

We replace the pallets, damaged by the time or faded, with new ones, more resistant and able to keep the original colour. All of our actions are aimed to give a new life to accordions: we replace keyboard, valves and buttons in accordions both piano and chromatic.

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