Every day we create and repair keyboards with commitment, patience and dedication and with fully respect for accordion’s artisan tradition. Together with other components, keyboards give life to typical sounds, the most pleasant ones of this instrument.

We produce keyboards, we install them in the bass casing having care during the turning-up-stage: everything is made strictly by hand and with care and precision.

Check and Repairs

After our assistance, even the oldest accordion will play again as in the past.

Assemblage keyboard

Our craftsmen’s deep experience and manual-skills make unique our instruments.

Keyboard production

We only use the best wood-types to have high-quality products, respecting the tradition.

Mechanical products

We realize mechanics with 72, 96 or 120 basses with the best support-wood, little forks, round stripe, guide and valves, basses and harmony.

Keyboard products

We produce sharpes, pallets, keyboards and keys with a very high-quality.

Guarantee of the products

The quality of our instruments is noticed throughout the time and for the long lasting, but in particular for the charm of the sound.

Photo gallery

Our accordions come out by the superior wood and the patient work of our hands.