Mafra Accordions

In Castelfidardo, accordion’s homeland, in the ‘70s Mafra was born. It concerns a company specialized in handcrafted manufacturing of wood in the musical-instruments’ field.We were born as a family-run company; today we can praise high-qualified operators’ staff with a great experience and know-how in the field.

Come to discover how for us it is simple to tune, renew or restore your accordion.Give us your accordion and we will deliver you back an instrument able to play so many melodies that will be the soundtrack of your special moments.

Our services

Check and restore of keyboard

We renew very-old instruments, too: we take them to pieces; we revise them to understand what is needed to replace and what is needed to be kept.

Assembly of keyboard

In addition to the instrument’s production and the assembly, we handle the production of different wood-parts that make up the mechanics.

Production of keyboard

Our keyboard are almost realized handcrafted and in wood. Our artisans work with a deep passion, patience and precision.



We have been specializing also in the production of parts that make up the mechanics on 72, 96 or 120 basses. We produce most of the elements of this field: support, forchettine, striscia rotonda, guide e valvole, bassi and armonia

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For our keyboards we have always been using mainly wood, beechwood or walnut. We personally select with attention the row materials to create the most traditional instrument…

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